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General Info:
Owner's Name: N/A
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: USA
Car Info:
FE Sequence Number: '000'
VIN: 101267
MDH: ?
ACR (Y/N): N
Dealer & location: Herb Chambers Infinity/Bentley, Boston, MA
Mods: N/A
Web Site: N/A
Comments: 'Reported to be one of several (perhaps 3) cars prepared for 2002 Auto Shows to showcase the special features of the (numbered 1-360) 'Final Edition GTS Vipers.'  This car has the special paint scheme, red stitched steering wheel and shift knob, and a similar (although not identical) number plaque as the Final Edition series cars.  Based on VIN, it would appear this car was manufactured several months before the Final Edition Series cars (MDH for this car is not available).  One of the Auto Show cars (perhaps this car) can be seen in this video from the 2002 Chicago Auto Show.'